• Family Portal Information

    Please note: The Family Portal is available for parents/guardians of students in grades 6 – 12

    The X2 Aspen Student Information Management System gives teachers, parents and students an arena to communicate openly. Highlighting issues throughout the term, helps in addressing them before they become serious.  Families with students in grades 6 through 12  can use the Student and Family Portal to view demographic data, academic progress, and view attendance, schedules assignments and grades for each child in each class in the current school year.  There is a secure log-in procedure where each family will utilize a login name and secure password giving them read-only access to their child‘s data.  If a contact is responsible for more than one family member, he or she logs onto the Family view only once, and simply selects which student’s data to view.  Currently only parents/guardians of students in grades 6 – 12 are able to participate in this program.

    If you do not yet have access to the Family Portal, please complete the registration form from the download forms link on this page. 
    If you are having problems with your account, please send email to helpdesk@milfordma.com