Ms. Christine Ravesi-Weinstein
  • Ms. Christine Ravesi-Weinstein 
    Assistant Principal
    House A
    Grades 9 and 11 
    508-478-1110 ext. 2221

  • Assistant Principals 

    High school is an extraordinary time of significant decisions that will impact your academic and personal development. We are committed to providing you with a supportive and safe learning environment whereby you can experience extraordinary development in your academic and personal goals. We look forward to supporting your efforts and working collaboratively on behalf of your best interests.

    Your high school career is a time for taking responsibility, developing independence, cultivating a seriousness of purpose in your learning and understanding your personal responsibility both in and outside the classroom. Be proactive - seek out teachers for extra help, join a sport, play an instrument, try out for the school play - get involved.

    Your ideas, talents, and interests are what make Milford High School an exceptional learning community.

    Please stop by your House Office if you have any questions or concerns.


Mr. Piergustavo
  • Mr. Richard Piergustavo
    Assistant Principal 
    House B
    Grades 10 and 12 
    (508) 478-1110 ext. 2173

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