Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Dustin Santomenna

Dear students, parents, and guardians: 

I welcome you to my classroom.  I am Mr. Santomenna, and I have been teaching at Milford High School for five years, and I am looking forward to another successful year.  I am currently teaching World Studies II and U.S. History II during Semester I and will be teaching World Studies II, U.S. History I, and American Government during Semester II. 


I hope that students and parents/guardians take advantage of the technological ability our school system offers.  All of my students and parents/guardians are asked to open a Family Portal account so students can monitor their own grades and keep track of their own progress.  As an educator, I am a gatekeeper to the success of my students, but my students turn the key.Becoming an independent learner requires personal responsibility, focus and determination.  My goal as an educator is to support students efforts in the classroom and beyond.


Aside from teaching in the History Department, I supervise the Milford High School Martial Arts Club run through the Community Use program which takes place after school on Tuesday's from 3:00-4:00 p.m. here in the high school. 

Thank You,
Mr. Dustin Santomenna 

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