Welcome to Video Production at MHS

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    Video Production at Milford High School gives students the opportunity to work with technology and explore the history and techniques of film and video production.  

    Video Production 1 is a hands-on introductory course that covers pre through post-production stages of video production. Students will become acquainted with digital video camcorders, portable camera operations, non-linear editing, script writing and story boarding.

    The curriculum for Video Production 2 reinforces the concepts introduced in Video Production 1 and explores more deeply the skills of editing, multi camera live productions, interview techniques, and videography. Students may also be required to film some after school events throughout this semester course.

    Video Production 3 is an advanced, full year course designed to help the student learn video as an effective form of communication and prepare students for film school and a career in the production industry. Narrative video projects will be included in the curriculum. Emphasis will be on the theory and practice of field film production, such as short movies. Students will earn to operate equipment necessary for successfully working as a member of a team and serve as a crew member on productions directed by fellow students. Live studio television production will play a major role throughout the year. All students will be required to help record and/or help with some after school events such as plays, concerts, and sporting events.