Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Victoria Douglass


   My philosophy is simple, " Fair is not equal".  Everyone does not learn in the same way. My lessons are planned with your specific learning needs in mind.  It is important for me to discover what your learning style is and what tools are needed for  your success so that you can use them for the rest of your academic life. I love to incorporate art, music, visuals, or kinesthetic learning to help as we review material. Let's learn how to study for tests by using a method that works for you. Can we have some fun while doing all of this?  Absolutely! 

Together we practice positive thinking and quiet those negative thoughts by finding some peaceful time every day. We focus on changing our thinking and using our natural intelligences to reinforce difficult concepts.  You are a person who has a great deal to offer the world if you recognize your natural talent. Remember, you can learn, you just may not learn the same as other people do.  That difference is what I find so interesting about you!  

Have a great year!

Mrs. Douglass