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    Milford Public Schools Special Education’s mission is to identify students who meet the federal and state criteria for a disability requiring special education. It is our mission to provide individualized services in the least restrictive environment that will empower our students to become active members of society based on their individual strengths and abilities. As a district, we are committed to providing a caring community of dedicated trained staff while involving parents to help meet the diverse academic, emotional and social needs of all our students in a respectful and positive environment. 


    Chapter 766 – Comprehensive Special Education Act


    Chapter 766 is a special education law that guarantees that every Massachusetts student with special needs ages three to twenty-one has the right to a free and appropriate education through their local school system. Every effort is made to provide successful instructional opportunities for all learners. Students with special needs are integrated into the regular school system whenever possible. However, when a student’s needs cannot be met within a school system, the student may be placed in another public or a private day or residential facility at public expense. A special need is a handicapping condition that interferes with making adequate progress in a regular classroom setting, e.g. physical handicap, learning disability, or emotional problems. Once a student with special needs is identified, an evaluation process begins which looks at how the student learns best, and then an educational plan is designed to meet the student’s needs. Program planning is a collaborative effort among parent/guardians, teacher specialists and other persons whom the parent/guardians and/or specialists wish to involve. The planning can result in an individualized education plan (IEP). While most students on individualized education plans receive service within the regular classroom, others receive services from various specialists outside the classroom.


    Stacy Middle School offers the following special education services:


    Resource Room Classrooms: Students who require specialized learning techniques, individualized instruction, and small class placement attend one pullout math and one pullout language arts class each day.  The instruction parallels the standard curriculum, which is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Students attend regular education social studies and science class with support from an assistant teacher on an as needed basis. 


    Inclusion Classrooms: The inclusion classroom consists of a certified special educator who rotates through the student's schedule in order to ensure that the student on an IEP understands the curriculum and is meeting his/her responsibilities.  Individual and small group assistance is provided within the standard curriculum classroom.  In addition, the student has a daily support class with their special educator on their team.  The special educator provides consultation to standard curriculum teachers regarding student's learning style and educational needs.  The special educator and teacher assistant ensure that accommodations are being implemented in the standard curriculum classroom. 


    Learning and Language Disabilities (LLD):  This program is geared for students with low average to high average intelligence with significant reading, writing, math, and communication disabilities.  Students participate in a curriculum that mirrors the standard curriculum, but at a slower pace.  The curriculum is modified to meet the significant academic needs of the students.  Certified special educators and an assistant teacher provide small group instructions in all academic areas- math, language arts, science, and social studies.  Inclusion into standard curriculum classes is available when the TEAM determines a student is ready.  Students attend related art classes- art, computer, physical education, health, and music within the mainstream.


    Related Services: All required related services are available to students as agreed to within their Individualized Educational Programs within their assigned schools.  Related services include but are not limited to speech/language services, occupational therapy, adapted physical education, and counseling.   Dependent upon the set educational goal(s), services may be provided through an in-class and/or pullout model.