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Mr. Cory Howard

Course Expectations

Cory Howard and TBD

STEAM at Stacy Middle School


Student Expectations: This course expects students efforts to be high.  There are new ideas, new projects and new learning outcomes which make up the year’s course.  Students will be asked to work together to design, draw, think and build in order to create.  What they create changes with each challenge they are presented with or skill they are asked to learn.  One example project is the foot orthosis for a patient with cerebral palsy.  Some examples of a skill would be isometric and multiview drawings of an object, as well as computer aided dimensioning of that object.  This course takes students through the design process, the steps engineers take to create and how they do it.  The students become the engineers as they learn these skills and are faced with the units challenges!  Effort and good behavior is a must for the group to succeed!


Grading:  As effort is incredibly important to the success of the team and this curriculum, an effort/classwork grade is weighed as heavily as the project grade itself.  Many times these grades will be as part of a group, however individuals efforts are factored in as well.  Students my see a personal grade different than that of their group, depending on their and others efforts during that particular task.  This is done using observational notes during class work as well as individual written reflections.