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Ms. Salome Grendell

Welcome to my page. My name is Señora Grendell and I am one of the Spanish 7th grade teachers at Stacy.  I am originally from Mexico City. There, I graduated as an Elementary and Secondary Education teacher, and in Business Administration. I am also certified as a Foreign Language teacher here in Massachusetts as well. To be honest, I have to say that teaching is my favorite profession, therefore, I am so excited to begin a new school year doing what I like the most teaching.

I should begin telling you that in grade 7, foreign language is a major subject that meets daily. It is my goal to make class interesting, enjoyable, and relevant to the students’ lives. Below I have outlined some important information regarding my classroom policies and expectations.


Materials:  a) I would recommend each student bring a binder in which they will keep all notes. It would need to include the following sections:

Sección 1: “Ahora” (“Do now”)

Sección 2: Vocabulario ( vocabulary)

Sección 3: En clase (work in class)

Sección 4: La tarea (homework)

Sección 5: Exámenes y pruebas (tests and quizzes)

Sección 6: Canciones (songs)


  1. b) I would also like them to have a notebook. There, they will be able to take notes or answer questions from their textbook.


Students are strongly encouraged to bring home their binder and notebook each night as the class work and notes will aid them in completing their homework assignments.

Tests/Quizzes: Quizzes will be given every Thursday. I will provide students with a vocabulary list and they will have a week to prepare for the quiz. Tests will be at the end of each chapter I will give the students advanced notice as well as a Study Guide in order to prepare for the tests. They can also visit the White, Blue or Red Cluster websites . Each website has been set up for students and parents to access homework and other school information at:

Homework: Students can expect homework 4 nights a week. As homework is assigned as an extension and practice of topics covered in class or in preparation for class the following day, it is expected on the day it is due. If students do not hand in the assigned homework in class, they have until the end of the school day to get it to me. Homework will be graded based on the number of home works assigned during the given trimester. (For example 20/20= 100, 19/20=95, 18/20= 90, etc.)

Course Content:  The students will study various topics following a curriculum aligned to national standards and the Massachusetts Foreign Language Curriculum Frameworks. Topics will include:


  • Greetings /Goodbyes
  • Numbers (1-1000) *
  • Cognates
  • Alphabet *
  • Useful Phrases
  • Telling Time
  • Verbs SER/ESTAR (to be)
  • Nouns and definitearticles (el, la, los, las)
  • Days of the week*
  • Months of the year*
  • Seasons*
  • Classroom objects
  • Present tense (AR , ER,IR verbs)
  • Question words
  • Family members
  • Verb TENER (have/has)
  • Descriptive /Possessive adjectives
  • Me gusta/No me gusta (I like/I don’t like)
  • Sports /hobbies
  • Places



  • Grading:  

             Tests/Projects………………………………....……..33 1/3%                                             
             Quizzes………………………………………………..33 1/3%

             Homework/Participation/Class work…..................33 1/3%

Class Participation: Communication is a key component when learning a foreign language. All students will participate in authentic exchanges of information and ideas in a comfortable and nonthreatening environment. We will participate in many cooperative learning activities to enhance each student’s linguistic proficiency. We will practice all four communicative skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Behavioral Expectations: All students are expected to arrive to class prepared and be respectful, encouraging and supportive.

Extra Help: I am available for extra help sessions afterschool on Monday from 2:20pm-3:20pm

I am so excited to be a part of Stacy Middle School teaching 7th grade Spanish and I am looking forward to an exciting, fun and productive school year!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Señora Grendell