• Advisor: Ms. Cote

    Our mission:

    The Green Team was created to help educate our school community on the importance of doing our part in helping the environment. This includes reducing pollution and ecological footprint by raising awareness and contributing to making long-term changes. Something as simple as reducing the paper and plastic consumption of our schools can make a HUGE difference. Have you ever thought of how many sheets of paper we go through here at MHS every year? How many people do you see each morning holding plastic coffee cups and not recycling them properly? If we can collectively work together to make our community an environmentally better place, we’ll be doing our part by heading in the right direction. If you’d like to be a part of making this change, please join the club and help us make a change :)

    Who? All MHS students
    When? Every Thursday, starting at 2:30 pm
    Where? C-12