About MHS

  • Milford High School is an institution of educational excellence that values the development of intellectual curiosity, honorable character, and noble citizenship. Milford High School opened in the Fall of 1973 as a center for learning and culture, on a 25-acre campus located at 31 West Fountain Street, providing both educational and recreational opportunities for all citizens of the town.

    The Milford School and Community Use Program (based at the high school), provides a wide variety of adult education, practical arts, and high school equivalency offerings. Our facility servers as an SAT and ACT testing center, provides a community summer camp program for pre-school children through grade 6, and employs high school and college students in the summer camp program. The Town of Milford extensively uses its comprehensive high school not only for the education of its youth during the day, but also for the lifelong learning of the entire community, seven days a week.

    A principal and two assistant principals administer Milford High School, housing 1200 students in grades 9-12, under the auspices of the school committee and superintendent.

    Students are divided by homerooms and floors into two houses, A and B, for the purpose of administration and guidance services. Otherwise, the students share common classrooms, teachers, and all other school facilities.

    Milford High School is divided into 6 instructional areas that house 66 classrooms, the main lobby, the guidance offices, career information center, visitor center, attendance office, and house administration. Through out the building, our students engage in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum including an expansive honors and Advanced Placement program.

    The A wing is the main instructional area of the building. In these classrooms, students pursue excellence in English, Mathematics, and Social Studies. The A wing also houses the Peer Mediation program and the Principal’s office.

    The B wing, the resource center of the school, located in the center of the school's academic area, houses the media center, video production area, professional library, teacher/student resource center, and academic skills classrooms.

    The Science, Computer Science, and Foreign Language departments are located in the C Wing of Milford High School which houses 7 science laboratory classrooms, a science resource area, plant and specimen room, and a computer classroom on the first floor. Instructional technology and the graphic arts department of the Occupational Education Program are located on the second floor. Also housed on the second floor are the resource areas for the English Language Learners.

    The remaining Practical Arts classes comprise the D wing of the school. Classes in 21st Century technology are consistent with current practice in educational technology. Some classes provide hands on training to prepare those students who choose to enter the work force after completing high school. Also located in this area is The Scarlet Bistro, a pre-vocational food service program.

    The E wing, home of the Fine and Performing Arts Center, contains the 750 seat David I. Davoren auditorium, complete stage and stagecraft areas, 2 music rooms, vocal and instrumental, 3 practice rooms, department offices, and the music library. The music department conducts regular classes in music theory and instrumental techniques as well as producing performance groups such as the marching and concert bands, jazz band, and chorus. In addition, E wing houses the art room, business rooms, and programs offering food preparation, parenting, and the child care program. The E wing also contains the Hawk's Nest. The Hawk's Nest School Store provides a unique experience for pre-vocational students to learn the nuances of retail management.

    The F wing is home to the Physical Education department at MHS. The approximate 1,000 seat gymnasium, dance, wrestling, and weight training rooms, Olympic size swimming pool, and recently renovated 1 million dollar practice field are all in constant use, both during and after normal school hours. These offer students a wide variety of physical education classes as well as exemplary facilities in which sporting events take place. As can be seen by the award banners in the gymnasium, MHS takes great pride in its athletic program whether it is at the instructional, intramural or interscholastic level.

    The lower F wing also houses the Shining Star Pre-School and the Family Resource Center.  All families seeking information about enrollment in the Milford Public Schools should contact the Family Resource Center at 508-478-1135 x1245

    Security measures help to make students feel comfortable and safe in an educational environment. New security cameras have been placed throughout the building, a juvenile officer is present to serve and protect Milford High students, and the school district employs a Safety and Security Director.

    The summer Freshman Orientation program serves to provide incoming students with a solid foundation for high school success.  The student-led Tech Team maintains the computer system at the high school with student-trained technicians. The Peer Mediation programs help to regulate student problems peacefully and confidentially. Peer Mentoring supports the transition of our freshman students throughout their first year.

    We welcome all current and prospective members of the community to contact us if you have any questions about Milford High School or the Milford Community Use Program.