• 7th Grade Ancient & Classical Civilizations: 2017-2018

    Early Humans to the Fall of the Roman Empire (Spoiler Alert)


    Mr. Chirco        Contact Information:

    7 Blue         (e) schirco@milfordma.com

    Room 302         (p) (508) 478-1180


    Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of ancient studies! The goal of this course is to learn about our human origins and understand the history of civilization and society.

    What are we learning this year?

    1. Human Origins & Prehistory
    2. Mesopotamia
    3. Ancient Egypt
    4. Ancient Israel
    5. Ancient Greece
    6. Ancient Rome




    Students will be assessed in a variety of areas including but not limited to tests, quizzes, projects, homework, class work, and preparation/studentship.


    Students and families should monitor grades frequently and seek help if needed. I will be available after school until 3:00pm on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Most assignments will be open to revision if you would like to put in the time and effort to try to improve your grade and deepen your understanding.


    Projects: 40% Classwork/Participation: 20%

    Quizzes: 20% Class Preparation & Studentship: 10%

    Homework: 10%