• Stacy Middle School Mathematics

    Mr. Cogan, Miss Henry, Mr. Klisiewicz

    Welcome to Stacy Middle School 8th grade mathematics. Our eighth grade Algebra curriculum is the same as the Algebra 1 Honors and CP program at Milford High School. The Algebra Essentials curriculum covers foundational material for Algebra 1 and the CCSS for eighth grade. All students should set their own goals and expectations. We expect everyone’s best effort. Respect is an essential element in the classroom. We respect the students and in return the students respect us.

    Classroom Policies:

    Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class every day.

    Punctuality:  On time for the math department means the student is in their seat and ready to work within 3 minutes of the first bell to change classes. If other circumstances prevent this from happening the student will need a pass from the previous teacher or they will be given a detention for being tardy to class.

    Preparation: Your child is expected to come to class prepared each day. This means they will have:

    • two pencils
    • their agenda
    • composition notebook
    • their homework with all work shown
    • their binder
    • chromebook (charged)
    • math textbook (Algebra Essentials)


    Proper Behavior: Proper behavior is being respectful of everyone and everything in the classroom.

    Grading Policies:

    Algebra 1 Honors and CP

    Algebra Essentials



    Tests: Includes Midterm/Final












    Additional Assignments:


    Additional Assignments:


    Quizzes/Tests: Quizzes and tests are announced in advance to allow students time to prepare. There are no retakes for quizzes or tests but corrections are available. A grade of 70% or below will require a parent or guardian signature. Students are encouraged to schedule extra help with his/her teacher for assistance. It is the student’s responsibility to make up: tests, quizzes, and homework within 10 school days according to the handbook otherwise a 0 will be entered in the gradebook. There will be a midterm and a final exam for Honors and CP classes. These are the same exams taken in the high school.

    Homework: Homework is generally assigned every night and will vary in length. In case of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to make up any assignments missed. These grades are based on the sum of the scores from the individual assignments.  Homework assignments are graded as follows;

    • All problems attempted 5 points
    • 75% of the problems attempted 4 points
    • 50% of the problems attempted 3 points
    • 25% of the problems attempted 2 points
    • Some of the problems attempted 1 point
    • no work 0 points.

    Also, self paced ALEKS assignments will be due periodically throughout the trimester. The rubric for ALEKS grading will be posted on the Google Classroom page and these will count toward the homework grade.

    Additional Assignments: The following are covered under additional assignments;

      • Class participation; Each student will start the trimester with a 100 and will lose 5 points each time they are tardy or unprepared for class. They may earn points back each day by participating appropriately in class.


    • Project and lab work will be graded according to their associated matrix.


    Math Extra help schedules from 2:15 to 3:15 pm:

    Monday Mr. Cogan Room 102

    Wednesday Miss Henry Room 96

    Thursday Mr. Klisiewicz Room 105

    Generally the teachers are in their classes until 2:50 pm each day and available to assist students. We encourage our students to come in for help as often as possible regardless of which cluster you are assigned too.

    Parent Teacher Communication:

    If you have any questions you may call (508) 478-1180. Our emails are:

    Mr. Cogan bcogan@milfordma.com

    Ms. Henry chenry@milfordma.com

    Mr. Klisiewicz sklisiewicz@milfordma.com


    The students in the Algebra 1 honors and CP classes will be using the online text Glencoe Algebra 1 and the actual Glencoe Algebra 1text. Homework will be a combination of either worksheets, text, or both. The students in the Algebra Essentials classes will be using the Glencoe Course 3 in class. There are two workbooks which will be used in the classroom and homework will be either worksheets or selected problems from the workbook.

    As part of our MCAS preparation the students will be working with ALEKS and eighth grade math packets. Computer time will be scheduled each week for the students to work on their ALEKS assignments. However, they will need to continue to work on the assignment outside of school. There are wireless resources available in the media center after school as well as the public library.

    Stacy Middle School 8th Grade Mathematics


    Class Materials Needed:

    • 1 inch 3-ring binder
      • lined paper
      • 5 tab dividers
    • composition notebook (100 page)
    • Pencils, regular or mechanical is fine. Pens are not to be used in math.


    Note: If a student is unable to obtain materials, please let us know and they will be provided.

    Throughout this syllabus, certain words are in bold type: respect, responsibility, preparation, and proper behavior. These are key components for students to a successful year.