• ADVISOR: Ms. Maurais and Ms. Aghajanian
    emaurais@milfordma.com, kaghajanian@milfordma.com

    Win awards and medals that will boost your college application - Join Academic Decathlon! Massachusetts’s Academic Decathlon is a nationally recognized club that competes three times a year. Decathletes focus on their personal strengths, setting PRs (Personal Records) while working with a team of diverse learners. Science, art, music, history, math, literature...you name it! Academic Decathlon has something for all student interests. Don't think you have what it takes to compete? You don't need straight A's to be an Academic Decathlete. Competitions are tailored to every type of student. So whether your GPA is a 2.0 or 4.0, we have a place for you on our team!

    Attend one of our weekly meetings (Mon at 2:30pm or Fri at 7:15am) in room A8 to learn more.