Caught in an A.O.K Award

  • AOK Stacy Middle School has instituted a program called "Caught in an A.O.K.".  Individuals who have been caught in an Act of Kindness can be nominated by filling out a nomination form.  This form is located on the bulletin board outside the main office.

    Stacy Middle School has started the school year by recognizing five students with the "Caught in an Act of Kindness (AOK) Award. The program recognizes students who have been caught in an act of kindness.  Students are nominated by the Stacy Middle School faculty and staff and will continue throughout the school year.  At the end of each month, the Stacy Middle School’s website will be updated with the names of our selected nominees who make Stacy Middle School a better place through their random act of kindness. 

    The primary mission of the program is to inspire students to consider the value of performing random acts of kindness and how it promotes character and develops a convivial learning community.