• House A Callback Number: 508-634-2392
    House B Callback Number: 508-634-2393


    In the Milford Public Schools we employ the use of an absentee monitoring system to ensure your child’s safety in our schools. We request that any day your child will not be in school you call the appropriate House Office to report an absence.

    Please leave: Child’s Name, Date and Reason for Absence.

    If you do not call Milford High School to report your child’s absence, the Milford AlertNow messaging system will try to reach you at every emergency number we have available. Please call the school to confirm your child’s whereabouts after receiving such a message.

    Please note that calling the callback system DOES NOT excuse any absence. You are required to send your child back to school after each absence with a note stating the reason for this absence and with a doctor’s note if you would like the absence to be excused. (Refer to the Student-Parent Handbook for the Milford High School Attendance Policy.)   All absence notes will be kept on file for future reference.  Thank you for your attention in this very important safety matter.