Virtual High School (VHS)

  • At MHS, students are offered a variety of courses that are different from those offered in the regular selections. The Virtual High School is dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for high school students, educators, and schools. Through The Virtual High School's unique network of schools, students, educators, and parents gain access to student-centered online education within a high quality, collaborative learning environment. 

    Students learn in cohorts where student exchange and interaction are valued components of the instructional process. Students benefit from access to highly-qualified faculty and innovative curriculum within diverse global classrooms. Teachers benefit by learning with and from their peers, and opportunity is not limited by geographic location or resource availability. 

    The VHS and MHS has had a long standing partnership to challenge our students to a high level of learning that is very different from the traditional classroom and learning environment.  This collaboration allows students to learn the improtance of independent work, and accountability of managing a regular workload, and a new innovative online learning model.