Pathways Program

  • An Alternative Education Program Specializing in Drop Out Prevention for the At-Risk Student

    MHS Pathways Program believes in the inherent worth of each student.  The Pathways program believes that all students can achieve their goals and dreams.  The Pathways program is committed to identifying and serving the needs of the at-risk student.  By tracking and analyzing data of all students we are able to identify those students who require early interventions.  Pathways students may have low attendance, poor grades in core subjects, lack credits to move on to the next grade, or be disengaged within the regular classroom environment.  MHS Pathways Program provides emotional and academic support, and creates mentoring opportunities via work-related internships.  

    The Pathways Program implements Response to Intervention (RTI) and utilizes progress monitoring as one of its components.  All MHS students receive instruction in Tier I on the RTI pyramid.  
    Students will be regularly monitored to determine progress and staff will use scientifically based instruction and interventions to customize the individual needs of the students.  On Tier II a student may utilize support from Pathways via Apex credit for recovery where a more targeted intervention can take place.  A Tier III intervention in the Pathways program may include a student receiving academic interventions via both a credit recovery approach as well as small group instruction to further enhance their skills.  During this Tier, students will receive counseling support, be availed to community internships, and may also be assessed for further learning deficits. 

    Paving a path to success

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