• Milford Public Schools Translation and Interpretation Department

    Our Vision

    Milford Public Schools' Translation and Interpretation Department's mission is to provide effective interpretation and translation services to facilitate two-way communication among Milford Public School staff, families, and community members.  In order to ensure access to all aspects of our students' lives and education, we foster relationships and facilitate communication between fluent English speakers/readers and individuals fluent in a language other than oral/written English (i.e. first language not English, hard of hearing, or non-literate). As language advocates, we strive to provide the best translation and interpretation services for the continued development of our family-school partnerships.   


  • The Interpretation and Translation Office offers the following services, among others:

    • In-district interpretation and translation services for Portuguese and Spanish
    • Vendor interpretation and translation in all other languages (including American Sign Language)
    • Video Dubbing (interpretation) and Subtitling (translation)
    • Assist with solutions for schools with language interpretation and translation requests
    • Staff professional development training on interpretation and translation procedures, etiquette when working with an interpreter, and two-way communication with linguistically diverse families
  • Contact Us

    Juliana Middlecoat, Translation and Interpretation Coordinator (Portuguese) 774-268-3907

    Helen Marques, Translator/Interpreter (Portuguese) 774-268-4109

    Lourdes Rivera, Translator/Interpreter (Spanish) 774-268-3834