What is SEL?


    Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process that students acquire, learn and apply skills such as managing emotions, problem solving, cooperation, empathy and responsible decision making. It is just as important as Reading and Math. This learning process is effective when it begins early, such as in preschool and continues through high school. SEL gives tomorrow’s workforce the tools for success, while educators find it contributing to a positive school climate and increased academic success. Beyond immediate outcomes in the classroom, SEL prepares employees to solve problems, manage emotions, and communicate. These skills consistently affect outcomes like college completion, job attainment, health, and civic engagement.


    Milford Public Schools is committed to educating the whole child. Through programs such as Second Step, Zones of Regulation, Mindfulness, Service Projects and PBIS, we are teaching students the skills they need to help them solve problems, make informed decisions, work well with others, face challenges and manage emotions. We will continue to work together to help our students meet success not only today, but prepare them for their future.