• English Learner Program

    Parent & Community Involvement

    Strong family-school partnerships are built on mutual respect and trust and are based in a foundational belief that student success and district improvements are a joint responsibility. 

    "Families and their communities foster a child’s academic and social and emotional development and growth. As such, collaborative partnerships among schools, families, and community organizations are crucial to student engagement and success. One way for schools to form partnerships with parents and guardians1of English Learners (ELs) is to establish English Learner Parent Advisory Councils (ELPACs) to promote and support the success of ELs."

    See Guidance for English Leaner Parent Advisory Councils: http://www.doe.mass.edu/ell/guidance/elpac.docx 

    Communication With Parents

    State and Federal regulations require that districts provide information about assessment and related academic achievement to parents of EL students in a language that they can understand.  Report cards and progress reports are available in the major second languages found in our district, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.  Parents may request a translation of their child’s report card or progress report by contacting the EL Director for the Milford Public Schools.  Codes of Conduct are also available in Spanish and Portuguese for each school, as well as the year’s District Calendar. ESL curriculum team leads (CTLs) at each school coordinate the effort to have important documents and notices translated into our students’ native languages when deemed necessary or when a request is made.

    When a student is identified as an EL student, the parent will be notified of the entry of their child into the EL program in the Milford Public Schools within 10 days. The notice will include information about why the student was assessed and what services are available.  The letter will give parents the option to decline any English language developemnt instruction for their child and whom to contact about services.


    Parent Involvement

    Milford Public Schools encourage parent involvement by offering a selection of:

    ·         Literacy and Math nights

    ·         Bilingual Parent Advisory Council Meetings

    ·         Adult ESL classes offered through our Community Use Program

    ·         Back To School Nights

    ·         Parent Information Nights

    ·         Student Assemblies






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