• Milford Public School District
    English Learner Program

    Reclassification and Monitoring Policy

    Criteria for Reclassifying Students in EL Program

    All English Learner (EL) students who have achieved proficiency in English and can access all content knowledge without additional support (according to the State's ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 assessment) will be identified as fluent and be fully mainstreamed in SEI core-content classrooms.

    Each May/June when ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 state assessment scores are released by DESE to the district, ESL staff will gather test scores and other pertinent information to make a reclassification decision that is in the student’s best educational interests.

    The following list displays the MA state-determined reclassification criteria which must be met before an EL student can be reclassified as FLuent and exit the EL program:

    List of state-required Exiting Criteria
    The Minimum Requirements (GR K – 12) are as follows:

    1. ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Composite Score: Student must score a composite WIDA ELP level of 4.2 on the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 
    2. ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Literacy Score: Student must score a literacy WIDA ELP level of 3.8 on the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0

    Additional data to consider when looking at the reclassification of EL to Former English learner (FEL): 

    1. MCAS 2.0 Test Results: If student receives a WARNING or NEEDS IMPROVEMENT on the MCAS 2.0 ELA exam, he or she must have met all other criteria for exiting. He or she will be included in MCAS 2.0 intervention services provided by each school.
    2. School Grades: A student must receive at least a C average (or “Developing”/ “Secure” designation in grades K – 3) in all combined ACADEMIC area subjects on his/her most recent report card
    3. Teacher Feedback: A student must be able to function without English Language Development support in core academic subjects, based on ESL/SEI teacher feedback.
    4. Parent requests for opt-out from the EL program may at times supersede some of the above criteria, but in order to do this, parents must sign an Opt-Out form requesting that their child be withdrawn from the program. We ask that every parent considering this option first meet with the respective building EL Coordinator and/or the district-wide EL Director to discuss the possible educational consequences of this decision. 


    Monitoring of FEL (Former English Learner) Students

    All students who have been reclassified from the EL program in the Milford Public Schools will be monitored for satisfactory academic progress for at least four years, and if necessary, will be offered additional language support.

    Once the students have been reclassified from the program, MPS has a system for monitoring the success of the student in the mainstream program.

    The EL Coordinator will be responsible for conferencing with the mainstream teachers of our FEL (Former English Learners) at least twice a year. A Monitoring Form for reclassified students will be completed by the mainstream SEI teachers in December/January and once again in June. Some of the information included in the monitoring form includes:

    Progress reports and report cards
    Test score documents (MCAS 2.0, GMADE, DRA, DRP, Running Records, etc.)
    Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504s
    Teacher feedback regarding areas of concern in the different curriculum areas
    Teacher recommendations for continued academic progress
    Interventions already in place
    Student participation in class and completion of daily work

    If a FEL student is having difficulty in the mainstream classroom, the ESL teacher and other members of the instructional team will work to determine the reasons for an individual student’s lack of academic success. The student may either reenter the EL Program or may be referred to the school’s Student Teacher Assistance Resource Team (START) if there is uncertainty as to whether this lack of progress is due to learning differences or disability. Dependant on the data collected at the START meeting, the District may then provide additional services to develop English language skills and/or will provide tutorial or support services to address other academic problems. If the student is considered for reclassification as an English Learner, the parents will be appropriately informed of service options.

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