Housing Options & Resources

  • Housing Options & Resources


    Students who are planning to attend post secondary education settings need to decide where they plan to live while attending school.  Some colleges provide housing in dorms.  Transition programs that teach independent living skills typically offer housing as part of the program.  Some students plan to continue living in their family’s home while pursuing post secondary education.

    All students with disabilities should be aware of the following resources for which they may qualify to assist with housing expenses:


    Section 8 Housing:  A federal rent subsidy that can be used to pay a significant portion of monthly rent in a qualified apartment.  Students from Milford can explore this subsidy, as well as the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, http://www.mass.gov/hed/housing/rental-assistance/mrv.html  and other subsidized housing programs by contacting the Milford Housing Authority at 45 Birmingham Ct, Milford, MA (508) 473-9521.



    • Housing Search Guide for People with Disabilities: This guide includes information about sources of funding for paying rent, buying a home, or modifying an existing home to provide housing for a person with a disability.  There are also detailed instructions about what information to collect and how to apply for different funding programs in Massachusetts.



    • Social Security Income: Students can use up to 75% of their social security income to offset the cost of room & board, regardless where they are living.  It is important for students who may qualify to learn more about Social Security Income when they turn 17 ½ years old, as eligibility requirements may allow students who were ineligible as children to qualify for SSI as disabled adults.  To learn more, see http://www.ssa.gov/onlineservices/#a0=0