• bus of the month

    Previous Bus of the Month - Bus 5, driven by Mr. Peter Ciolek

    The following describes the criteria for winning the "Bus of the Month" award:

    • A “thumbs up” or point for each bus run each day will be awarded to any bus following proper bus expectations on the ride to and from school (See expectations listed below).
    • The bus earning the most points at the end of the week will be awarded THE BUS OF THE WEEK title.  The number of “thumbs up” tallies will be announced during a morning announcement.
    • The bus with the most BUS OF THE WEEK points in one month’s time will have their photograph taken and posted to local media venues, as well as the “BROOKSIDE BUS OF THE MONTH” banner attached to the side of their bus for all of the Community of Milford to see.

    These visual reminders of appropriate bus behavior will be posted at the front of each bus:


    bus expectations