• Classroom Procedures and Standards


    Computer Aided Design 1 & 2



    Dear Parent(s): Following are classroom procedures and standards for Computer Aided Design class at Milford High School.

    Overview: Computer Aided Design (1 & 2) is a full semester course designed to introduce students to architectural design. Everyone will live in some type of residential dwelling. Understanding what a good layout is and how buildings are constructed are useful life time skills. Students will increase their understanding of building by learning how to draw designs using the latest architectural software (DataCAD16).

    In doing so, students will utilize the DataCAD Project Book – The Quick Way to Learn DataCAD Basics and Beyond. They will apply this information to a series of projects. They will be expected to apply what they learn about architectural design to solve a series of challenges. The course follows:


    Common Core Standard: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.9-10.3

    English Language Arts, Science Technical

    Description: Follow precisely a complex multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks, attending to special cases or exceptions defined in the text.


    Procedures: Your son/daughter will be expected to come to class on time and be prepared to work throughout the entire class. He/she will be expected to apply the design process to each task. They will use skills they possess as well as skills they will learn to arrive at a practical solution to a given task. This will involve both software knowledge and design work. Students will be expected to conduct themselves in accordance with all school rules and subject safety rules. Students are required to complete all projects. Use of the internet not in accordance with school rules will not be tolerated. A grade of zero for class participation on the day of the offense will be given and further action may be taken. Cell phones are not allowed. Food is not allowed.


    This is a classroom project driven course. Students work at their own pace, but are given overall project deadlines. Classroom participation and cooperation are an integral part of the student’s overall grade. Students who are not on task will receive a zero for the day.

    A mid-term progress report will be sent home to provide an evaluation of your son/daughter’s performance in this class. I will contact you any time I feel that more effort is needed on behalf of your child.

    Please acknowledge that you have read this notice and the student handbook having both you and the student sign where noted. Please have the student return it to me. I look forward to working with the students this semester.


    Thank you,

    Rich Johnson