Science Club


    Advisor: Mrs. Haley

    Science Club will meet on Wednesdays each week but once a month you will have the chance to compete against other members in science related events. Many of these events challenge you to create a device that will accomplish a specific task, such as to protect an egg from breaking in the Egg Drop. Science Club members will also help with one service project that will benefit the school or community. The Science Club is for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

    Good behavior is expected at all science club events. Behavior that puts the safety of others at risk will result in the loss of science club privileges for the remainder of the year. Members with failing grades will be considered ineligible until those grades improve.

    Science Club will begin in October and end in May. Meetings are held from 2:20pm – 3:30pm.

    Cancellation notification will take place during school hours over the PA system.