Our School Philosophy

  • The preschool program is dedicated to creating an environment for learning that is based on the understanding of how young children learn; i.e. providing appropriate opportunities that are real and meaningful, hands on, sensory and fun. The school climate is one of mutual respect, the building of community and the recognition of individual differences and student needs. Children with different abilities will serve as models for each other.


    Curriculum is designed to address learning in all areas of development – physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and aesthetic. Classrooms provide an active learning environment through exploration, inquiry, problem solving, experiential and associational learning opportunities which are embedded into the curriculum. Teacher strategies will include a multiple intelligence approach to posing problems, asking questions, offering cues or suggestions, demonstrating a skill, adding more complex materials or ideas to a situation and providing children with time and space needed to process their thinking.


    Children will have multiple opportunities to choose from multi-sensory learning center activities that typically include, but are not limited to, dramatic play; block building and construction; language and literacy; science and math; games, puzzles and manipulatives; books and recordings; computers; art; music; and creative movement. Outdoor play and activities will be a daily component (weather permitting) of the curriculum.


    Parents will be acknowledged as partners in their children’s education. Their input is both welcomed and respected in all areas of programming. Parents will be invited and encouraged to volunteer in their child’s classroom and to become involved in PTO, PAC or the Preschool Council. Parent communication is provided through newsletters, bulletin boards, and one-on-one conferencing.


    Community networking is established through opportunities provided through Massachusetts Department of Education grants, Family Network Project and Community Partnership Council as well as high school programs and community organizations.